Instructions for using advertising machine

Issuing time:2020-08-24 14:35

1.find a formatted empty USB flash drive or SD card (cannot use the USB flash drive installed system).

2.Put the video or picture that needs to be played into the root directory of the USB flash drive or SD card (do not create other folders in the USB flash drive). The capacity of a single image should not exceed 3M.

3.After the advertising machine is turned on and displayed normally, find the remote control equipped with the machine and press the remote control at the indicator light in the lower right corner of the machine.

Menu on the device (USB interface can be plugged in without remote control, and the menu can also be entered by pressing the mouse wheel button).

4.After the menu dialog box appears, adjust the following parameters. By continuously pressing the menu key, you can turn to the menu bar and modify the parameters.


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