Interactive E-Blackboard Installation Preparation

Issuing time:2020-08-24 14:32

When entering the construction site, you should investigate the environment or understand the site conditions to ensure the scientific feasibility of product installation.

1) Bearing of product installation wall (The wall is required to bear ≥ 160kg)

2) Product installation generic cabling (Comprehensive wiring to the middle of the machine)

3) Optimal reserved size for product installation (Reserved installation size (smart blackboard product size+10mm) length × (Smart blackboard product size+10mm) high)

4) Preparation of construction tools (classified by environment)

5) Environment 1: solid brick wall, cement wall, hollow brick, etc.

6) Electric hammer, drill bit (matching bolt is 8 * 80 internal expansion), hammer, 12-14 open-end wrench, laser level or level ruler, cross screwdriver, construction gloves, etc.

7) Environment 2: Wooden wall, etc

8) Hammer, self tapping wire, laser level gauge or level ruler, cross screwdriver, construction gloves, etc. Project construction and installation steps (for reference only)

9) According to the design specification of the teaching building, the vertical distance between the lower edge of the smart blackboard and the platform is 0.8-0.9m for the primary school classroom and 1-1.1m for the middle school classroom, which is basically at the level of the students' vision. The details should be confirmed with the school authority.

10) After the inspection is completed, please measure the size, fixed screen hanger and lower fastener.

11) Four upper fixed pendants and four lower fixed brackets. There are four 3mm thick plug-ins at the butt joint of the middle two sides for connection and fixation. The middle of the blackboard is fixed by hanging, and the two sides are fixed by plug-ins.


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